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Need an eye-catching sign holder for your presentation board? Our 22″ w x 28″ h Rental Poster Board Stands might be exactly what you are looking for. Unlike most traditional poster frames, this poster board stand isn’t limited to being hung on a wall. With a strong and sturdy base, your stand can be used at trade shows as a part of your exhibit space or placed strategically throughout the show room floor to draw potential customers to your space. This is not just any sign holder, this is a wonderful marketing and advertising tool that can be utilized to spread the word about your business or services. You’ll be surprised that with such a small investment, you can have a big impact on your bottom line.

Great for School Projects, Too!

Not only a great tool for business events, the poster board stand is also very useful in schools & colleges! Why not take a new and innovative approach to displaying your science project fair board? Your foam core board provides a great impression with its smooth showcase quality finish and the best idea you have for displaying your hard work is to prop it up on a table? No! The 22 x 28 rental poster board stand makes it easy and to display your foam board in a professional and attractive way that truly complements the efforts you have put into your project. The poster stand is a true example of practicality, preparation and presentation. Ask our representatives about rental options as well.

STRONG AND BEAUTIFUL – 22″ w x 28″ h Rental Poster Board Stands

This double-pole poster stand provides a strong and sturdy base for your project or marketing tools. You can be sure your projects won’t tip or fall over if you have to walk away for a moment or if a breeze blows through. When using the 22″w x 28″h Poster Board Stand as part of your project display, your professor may not realize you picked out a display stand of the highest quality, however he or she will surely notice the effort you have made for going above and beyond.
We pride ourselves on good quality products. The Poster Board Stand is very easy to use, simple and sturdy. In the business setting, this is one of the best products to have on hand for in-store changing of periodic displays.

We’ve Got the Solution You Are Looking For

Whether you are presenting your yearly budget presentation or your science fair board, the 22″w x 28″h Poster Board Stand will provide all the stylish and functional support that you need. Plus, it is compatible with many types of media displays such as poster board, foamcore or pvc board. We typically send the poster stands unassembled, but they are very easy to set up and take down. Contact us today with any questions about transportation, delivery or set up. Most of our display boards can be delivered to Massachusetts, Michigan or anywhere in the US. We can also answer any questions about putting together a customized display. Our experts are working hard at creating solutions for you. Call or contact us today!

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