Light Box Trade Show Displays & LED Backlit Stands

10x10 Backlit Displays
1. Mammoth Single-Sided
10ft Lightbox Display Double Sided
2. Mammoth Double-Sided
Lightbox Picture Frame
3. FBOX2228G
Banner Stand Backlit
4. Backlit Banner Stand
5. 120D SS Edge Lit
6. 120D DS Edge Lit
8' x 8' Vail Exhibiton Booth System Vegas
7. 100D SS Edge Lit
8' x 8' Vail Exhibiton Booth System Vegas
8. 100D DS Edge Lit
Top Quality Trade Show Stand Vegas
9. Angled Freestanding Light
10' Expo Booth With TV Vegas
10. Light Box Monitor
10ft Exhibition Booth CHICAGO
11. Angled Freestanding
10x20 Pop Up Exhibition Booth Orlando
12. 20ft Igniter Freestanding

Lumiere Light Wall


3ft w x 8ft h Backlit Display Tower Graphic Rental Vegas
Big Sky Square Tower Backlit


We provide top quality LED light box trade show displays and backlit displays for tradeshows, convention events and exhibition booths. These elegant trade show backlit stands are made from high quality aluminum frames. When you’re hungry for attention in a busy exhibition hall, the tiny element can make a big difference. A trade show LED light box or backlit display from Capital Exhibits can make a huge difference between a low traffic and high traffic any expo event. The LED lights are very bright and bring your graphics to life. These light boxes displays are designed for floor standing or wall mount. These light boxes are also ideal for retail shops, airports, government buildings, hospitals, hotel lobbies and more.

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