Brochure Displays

Brochure Displays for Your Next TradeShow by Capital Exhibits put you way over the top of your competitions. Brochure displays are one of the cost friendly ways of managing affordable advertising of numerous products. With brochure displays, one can promote the brand name and its services in an easy way.

The brochure display stands like SPACE-SF03 are fitted with graphic or fabric drops and one can easily change the graphics in every promotional campaign whenever required. There is a comprehensive range of functional as well as stylish brochure displays that are used at different presentations. The brochure displays are available in various frame sizes and shapes that include circular, straight, curved and triangular. These brochure displays can hold literature of A4 to A3 portrait literature. There are some brochure display stands have one presentation pocket whereas in other displays there are up to 10 pockets for displaying the literature and brochures. The brochure displays are customized according to the requirements of the customers and saves lot of space by displaying the literature in orderly manner. A wide range of accessories that include shelves, lights and literature dispensers can enhance the effect of brochure displays.

Different displays – Brochure Displays for Your Next TradeShow

There are permanent brochure displays that are either free standing or wall mounted.
The portable and lightweight collapsible brochure displays are easy transported from one event to another. These folding brochure displays are available at cost effective prices.
The Modular displays are also known as information kiosks or Panel & pole kits as these kits are composed of pole kit so it’s truly cost effective.
Along with standard displays, the products are also customized specially sizes and colors can be specified providing more flexibility to the customers.


Rotating brochure display stands

The rotating stands are eye catchy as well as appealing to the viewers so used to display various products also in retail stores. The displays are made up of different materials like plastic, acrylic and wood. These rotating display stands provide easy access as can be easily moved around. One can have large or small display depending on the space provided in store or office for it. It also helps in keeping the clients and guests engaged, as they get busy in reading the brochures. It is easy to maintain and move while rearranging the furniture of the area. There are also electronic rotating display stand that is either powered by an electric cord or batteries. Such displays are more common at airports, jewelry stores, gift stores at hotels and restaurants, libraries and super markets. The rotating displays are widely used at exhibitions also. One can find some classic display for office at antique stores that are packed with fancy as well as crafted stands.


Benefits and usage

The selection of any brochure display depends on budget, exhibition size and its reuse. As if the brochure display will be used, again then, the display should be durable and if the exhibition is big, then the display size should be according to its position in the arena.

The brochure displays are ideal for displaying corporate literature, posters, leaflets, documents and brochures. The brochure displays are widely used in trade shows, exhibitions and events. The displays are also used for reception, corporate, museum and retail environments. One can place the order for brochure displays online and even get some discount on the total purchase.

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