Display Stands

Display stands by Capital Exhibits have revolutionized the trade show industry. Trade shows & exhibition events throughout the world are done by using pop up display stands. Trade shows and exhibitions require portable displays and banner displays which make the product look attractive and deliver complete information in an innovative and professional manner. The manufacturers of pop up display and display stands have undergone a wide change in their products and have started making custom and innovative stands for companies who are willing to spend money on advertising their products and services.

Most companies try to attract customers and visitors in trade shows and exhibitions to their booth and it is possible with elegant display stands. These modern looking stands make the stall look very attractive. The Display Stands | Banner Displays, Tablecloths & Hanging Signs are portable displays which can be made into striking tables and banners for keeping products and displaying graphics and photos of the products. The display stands are of various styles and sizes and can be custom built according to the need of the consumer.

Types of Display Stands

The various types of display stands include:

1. Graphic Kits: These consist of aluminum frames which are assembled to form a large display which can attract hue crowds. Often these are lit up and halogen lights are placed on the magnetic strips of these frames.

2. Pop up Banners: These are roll up banners which are hooked along the frames of the stand and give an attractive look. These come in different styles which can be roller banners, fabric banners, Outdoor banners, indoor banners, rigid banners, tension banners, retractable banners, x banners and retail banners.

3. Fabric Kits: These are fabric display panels and use Velcro fabric.

4. Tower Displays: These Show Towers create a dramatic display for company lobbies, meetings, retail environments and trade shows.

5. Table Top: When maximum portability is important, our variety of tabletop displays offers the ultimate in possibilities.

6. Trade Show Trusses: Trade show truss systems provide you everything you need in a portable Truss Display, are extremely versatile, innovative, are a great value for your Trade show dollar and extremely quick and simple to set up.

7. Trade Show Counters: They come in fabric or front graphic with shelves and are covered with laminated counter top. These are used for displaying products and can be used for storing things.

8. Hybrid Displays: Hybrid Trade Show Displays Lightweight. Stable. Quick set-up. Maximum visual impact. Low price. Linear Kit: It is used as a multiple graphics holder and is made of stainless steel.

Online Availability

Other than the above various other display stands can be made available. The complete range can be checked by searching online. Many companies and manufacturers display their product range and prices. Before purchasing the products, one should ensure the products and displays are of good quality and come with warranty. These can be used for several years and require very less maintenance.

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