Exhibit Trade Show Booths

To attract people at a tradeshow you need an attractive exhibit trade show booths. An exhibit trade show booth should be aesthetically pleasing. It’s a nice bonus if your tradeshow graphics also grabs attention and creates attention at the tradeshow. We at Capital Exhibits provide top notch creative design services for over 30 years now. That way you know the graphics are perfectly fit your display without any issues. We setup your displays here at our showroom to make sure everything fits perfectly before shipping them to your show or your office.

First, we take the time to get to know your business and understand the goals you have for the event. Through our educational background in graphic art design services and photography, as well as our up-to-date knowledge of graphic design trends and techniques, we come up with the best graphic design idea for your specific needs and vision. From generating print design to talking exhibition booth, business card, flyers, we are upfront and efficient in all of our business communications.

Creating the right display for your show requires a team work, from selecting the booth size, elements needed for the booth such as hanging sign, information kiosks, accessories and graphic design,  count on Capital Exhibit’s team to do most of that for you with over 30 years of experience. But when you see a exhibit trade show booth that can do all that plus help the sales team generate leads and convert prospects on the floor.
You can get that kind of design working for your company, too, with an Capital Exhibits exhibition products that commands attention, pulls visitors in and persuades them with a dynamic presentation. We build your best image!

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