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Graphic Specs for trade show graphics and exhibition files


The following information is crucial for the production of your large-format digital graphics:

Always include a color proof of the artwork along with the digital file. This may be a low-resolution JPEG or PDF for e-mailed graphics, PROOF ONLY. Enclosed contact info with your media.

We can accept PC or Mac-generated files but Mac is preferred.

All bitmap graphics files (i.e. TIF, EPS, JPG, BMP, etc.) must be 150 dpi at full size or scaled as needed to make the final image meet the 150 dpi criteria.

For questions, contact your account representative at (866)730-3746 or email sales @ capitalexhibits.com.


The graphics department strives to achieve accurate and pleasing colors. However, due to the type of equipment we use (large format inkjet printers), we cannot guarantee perfect matches even with Pantone (PMS) colors. We request graphics in CMYK mode because the file size is smaller and we are able to achieve greater color predictability upon output.

We will be happy to provide a “strike-off” (sample print) at the customer’s request, but there will be a charge for this service. If we are matching graphics from a past show, we will need a sample of the original graphics for color matching purposes.



Email to . sales @ capitalexhibits.com Emailed compressed files can be no more than 20MB . Please call Fred at 866.730.3746 with questions about emailing artwork.


Adobe Illustrator CS6 or higher (Mac/PC). Illustrator (and FreeHand) are ideal for creating vector files – requested for all vinyl and fabric jobs. All fonts must be converted to outlines . Document Color Mode should be set to CMYK. Any placed bitmap files (i.e. photos) should be included and should follow the Photoshop guidelines below. Mac fonts should also be included with the file. Checklist: CMYK Mode/ Fonts converted to outline/ Placed images are linked, not embedded/ Send linked image files (200dpi files please)

Adobe Photoshop CC or higher (Mac/PC). Saved as TIFF formats in CMYK mode. We can also accept high resolution JPEGs, making sure that image quality is set to high/maximum. Resolution should be equal or greater than 150 dpi at the final output size for best results (higher resolutions do not result in significantly better output quality). Checklist: RGB Mode/ flattened/ 200 dpi at full size/ compressed TIFF or Hi-Res JPG

Quark XPress 9 or earlier (Mac Only). Quark files are acceptable for small Velcro graphics but are not recommended for photo panels or bannerstands because the software was not designed to handle large layouts. Layouts designed in Quark require exporting as an EPS file, then opening and saving in Illustrator. Include all fonts (Mac Postscript preffered) and placed TIFF/ EPS/ JPG/ BMP image files. Follow Photoshop guidelines above for placed bitmap images.

Adobe PageMaker 7 or higher (Mac/PC). Follow guidelines for Quark XPress above.


Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, etc.). These programs do not readily support large- format output and do not offer compatible export fomats. Please call us for advice with Microsoft formatted artwork.

Low-resolution JPEG, GIF, PICT, or BMP images (typical email/website images ). These images are usually of such low resolution and small size that they are unable to be output cleanly at larger sizes. Most corporate logos, etc, found on websites must be recreated for use in large-format artwork. Call for logo recreation charges.

DXF files. While we use CAD-based program for our exhibit design, it is very difficult to get AutoCAD type files to convert over cleanly to our preferred graphics programs.

Any other software not listed above. If your graphic was created in a software program not listed above, please call to discuss with our graphics departments.


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