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5 Crucial Tips for Magazine, Book and CD Design

At Capital Exhibits, we pride ourselves on being one of the top online printing services, offering a full range of services that include magazine design, book printing, and CD design. We can take any project and give you the tools to get it done perfectly, putting them right at your fingertips. Not only do we make the process easier and faster than ever before, we offer unmatched results in full color or black and white, depending on what you need. When you choose our company and put in your order, you know that you’re going to adore the end result.

This is hugely important for media items like books, ebooks, CDs and magazines. You know that the old adage says that it is never wise to judge a book by its cover; the reality is that people judge books—and other types of media—by their covers all of the time. If your cover does not draw them in, you’re probably not going to make the sale. You have just a few seconds to sell them, and it is all up to the cover or the CD jacket.

The irony is that many artists put hours and hours into their craft. Some authors spend years editing their books, trying to get every word just right, but then they spend only a few hours on a cover and call it good. Here at Capital Exhibits, we know that won’t work, and we are here to help, whether you want to work from a photo or with original artwork. To show you how, here are five of the most important tips from the print industry.


Make the Cover Match the Product

The cover art has to match the overall vibe of your book itself. This is why many literary works have calm, subdued covers, while thrillers utilize bright colors and dramatic images. If your book cover design does not match the content, readers are going to feel tricked.


Make People Want to Know More
The best thing that you can do is to produce a design that gets people to ask questions. It might be as simple as hinting at what an article in your magazine is about so that they have to find out more. When you can awaken someone’s curiosity, they are more likely to pick up the item.


Stand Out
Yes, the top cd album design is going to be one that fits your genre, but it also has to stand out from the crowd. Remember, CDs are going to be sold alongside hundreds or thousands of other CDs. If everything looks the same, you’re just depending on luck to get noticed.


Keep It Simple

With many designs, less is truly more. If things are too cluttered, they don’t look good and people won’t take the time to sort through all of the text and images. The top art book cover design is going to feature interesting images and short text that is to the point—perhaps just your name and the book’s title.


Put in the Time
To get the best music CD cover, be prepared to scrap old designs. Do not fall so in love with them that you won’t let any otherartists tell you that changes are needed, because getting things right takes time and work.

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