With the help of magazine racks, one can easily enhance the display of journals, monthly publications and books thereby making them even more appealing. Get the best magazine racks and enhance your product display.

The racks are to promote and display print advertising in retail stores and malls. The marketing managers use multi-pockets for displaying weekly or monthly publications, journals, flyers, world news, books or weekly periodicals and newspapers. The magazines racks are available in varied options like portable trade show periodical holders, wall mounted, counter and tabletop and floor standing models. These magazine racks are perfect to place in museums, hospitals, schools and corporate reception areas. The magazine racks are also named as journal racks and publication holders due to the displaying material.

Different magazine racks

Different magazine racks are available in various sizes, styles and shapes. There are different options of magazine rack materials like wood, wire, metal, acrylic and glass.


Absence of floor space

In absence of proper floor space one can opt for a wall mount magazine holder that will be best suited in such condition. The wall mounts are good for small businesses as provide proper display that too in limited floor space. The hung up rack is maintained at the eye level so that the customer can check out the new editions. The customers will also prefer it as nobody want to bend or dig out the desired magazine from any pile of magazines.

The counter top ones are also used in absence of proper floor space as these are directly placed on counters where the customer can easily notice the displayed magazines. The counter top displays can be seen in doctor’s offices, hotel lobbies, travel agencies and restaurants. The acrylic counter top magazine holders are used in tradeshows as it give unobstructed view of the displayed magazines and easy access to the customers if wish to take away any displayed brochure also.

Other magazine racks

The rotating magazine displays are used to get more space for displaying magazines and attract more and more customers as they can watch out every material on the rack while standing at one point. The portable racks are liked by people who wish to easily set up and take down the rack whenever requires. The portable magazine racks come up with carrying case so used during tradeshows. There are also magazine racks for home as one looses interest in reading magazines if lying in a pile on the table. The glass and wood magazine racks look nice and go well with the home décor. The residential magazine racks have modern looks according to the current home furnishings.


The magazine racks are used to boost the sale of any book or magazine store.

The magazine racks attract the view and interest of the readers towards the latest publications and updated periodicals. The magazine racks are used to promote the organization literature and adds up a striking feature to the location. The magazine racks are designed for attracting customers and easy accessibility of magazines.

Online sale

One can find magazine displays for various styles and budget online on various websites. The pictures and features of the different types of racks are explained in the web pages. After ordering the particular magazine rack, the products are shipped and one can get them delivered at the doorstep.

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