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Do you interior or exterior 3D rendering design services, pirnt graphic designer based in Missouri, MO to turn your ideas into reality? As one of the top graphic design companies in America, Capital Exhibits puts the power of graphical elements right in your hands. We offer professional 3D design & graphic design services in cities like Independence, Columbia, Kansas City, Saint Louis, Springfield, MO and many others.  We also provide poster printing services with all types media. Capital Exhibits can provide a graphic designer trained to accommodate your needs regardless of your industry or the size and scope of your projects. Get a head start on your competition—hire a graphic designer with experience!

Graphic Displays Gallery

Trade Show Graphic Design and More

Trade shows are one of the most effective uses of 3D modeling rendering design, graphic design, but that’s not all we do at Capital Exhibits. Whether you’re interested in turning your trade show booth concepts into tangible elements or simply want a dedicated company to help with branding design, Capital Exhibits is your one stop shop.

Here is the list of printing services that we offer:

  • mesh
  • vinyl
  • fabric
  • cloth
  • static cling
  • tri poplin
  • stretched fabric
  • poly mesh
  • dye sublimation
  • Dye-Sub
  • poly silk
  • supreme knit
  • feather flag
  • stretch
  • blocker
  • blockout
  • latex
  • sheer
  • spandex knit
  • Fire Safe
  • reclaim knit
  • brushed knit
  • satin
  • fencing
  • black fabric
  • banner
  • gaming suede
  • cascade
  • poly duck
  • artist matte canvas
  • opaque white
  • flag liner
  • UV-Cured
  • Adhesive Matte Vinyl
  • Durable Matte Polypropylene
  • Scrim Banner
  • Peel and Stick Repositionable Media
  • Water Resistant prints
  • clear film
  • matte film
  • double-sided banner
  • translucent media
  • matte photo paper
  • semi-gloss display film
  • window film
  • self adhesive back vinyl
  • fabrics
  • glossy vinyl
  • DuPont
  • HP
  • pole banner
  • reinforced banner
  • canon material
  • Kodak media
  • Heytex media
  • Aqueous film
  • Print-N-Stick fabric
  • perforated vinyl
  • textile printing
  • direct print
  • printing companies
  • trade show banner
  • outdoor and indoor banners
  • large wall banners
  • hanging banners
  • wide format digital printing services
  • giant custom printing
  • discount printing
  • full color bulk printing
  • printing prices
  • cheapest large format printing
  • commercial printing
  • wholesale quality printing shop
  • print banner
  • huge banner printing
  • print posters
  • commercial poster printing
  • large size poster printing
  • cheap digital fabric printing services
  • Linen prints

Choose from premium products like:

  • Trade show displays
  • Table top displays
  • Brochure design work
  • Banner design and printing
  • Pop-up displays
  • Tee shirt graphic design
  • Tension fabric displays
  • Graphic design business card services
  • Truss displays
  • Printed signs
  • And much more

You can select from a wide range of sizes or shapes and will appreciate the peace of mind that comes with our fast, on-time delivery. All of our graphic designers can help you create visionary ideas imbued with the creativity and strategic thinking to turn each of your projects into successful endeavors. Our large poster printing services consist of roll and rigid substrate.


For 20 years, Capital Exhibits has stayed true to its mission and motto “Build Your Best Image.” This approach empowers customers just like you to increase brand awareness, attract more clients and realize the full potential of business graphic design. In addition to using the latest 3D rendering & graphic design trends & techniques, our graphic designers are skilled at helping you transform your best graphic design idea into products that enhance your image and your goods or services.

It’s Time to Turn Your Business Around

If you’re ready to see how the power of graphical representation can increase your business and your profits, all you have to do is contact the professional 3D rendering designer & graphic designers of Capital Exhibits. Browse our 3D design gallery online or reach out to us by telephone at 866-730-3746.

Our staff is standing by to help you turn your dreams into products you can see and touch. Don’t wait another day to get a leg up on the competition, contact our company right now!

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