Elegant Trade Show Displays & Banner Stands for New York, NYC

From a marketing, promotional and cultural standpoint, New York City NYC is without a doubt the nation’s capital, and if you want to roll out a new product or service or build brand awareness, you need effective NYC trade show displays & 10ft pop up displays that deliver results. Here at Capital Exhibits, we make it our business to help your organization achieve its goals with our trade show displays NYC and rental portable exhibit systems. We accomplish this by designing and producing a wide range of unique and effective marketing materials such as 20ft fair displays, 20×20 rental trade show booths, banner stands NYC, tablecloths, pop up banner, exhibition stands, rental displays, table runners and many other promotional products that will help you get noticed throughout New York City. Through our products and customer service, we build strong and lasting relationships with our clients, and they get the market share and top-of-mind awareness they need to succeed now and in the future!

Here is of some of our products:

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Tower Displays

Our 10’x10′ lightweight panel display and counters, provides for a stunning wide display to draw in customers and ample counter space to demonstrate your product. These displays contain a high quality tension fabric, upon which either single or double sided graphics can be printed for your show in NYC. This allows for a stunning high quality, high resolution background. The 10ft tension fabric system used in this trade exhibit allows for easy and safe storage and transport of graphics. Once a graphic has been displayed, the end user needs only to fold and pack it away. It is then ready to be stretched onto the tension fabric system at your next exhibition booth event in New York City.

In order to display your product and better engage with passerby’s at your next trade show, our portable system includes fabric graphic. The counters allow for ample room to store pamphlets, brochures, samples and other product information. Having two counters allows for a more natural flow through your 10ft x 10ft display booth and counters as attendees are able to interact at two separate locations, lessening wait times and promoting movement through the trade show display. Both counters can have high quality graphics applied to them and come in unique, alluring shapes, further promoting your product and engaging trade show attendees.

This 10′ booth exhibit panel and counters system is designed from the very start to be quick to assemble at any booth exhibition. There is absolutely no need for tools ­ by simply snapping together the provided tubes, the system comes together in a quick and efficient process. The system can be taken apart and stored just as easily, ready to be displayed at your next trade show.

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