Pharmaceutical Displays and Signage

Capital Exhibits Capital Exhibits has a long and successful history of designing pharmaceutical displays and signage. We understand the special needs that pharmaceutical businesses have, and we are happy to accommodate those needs!

Custom Designs

Our focus is on building your best image. That means that every cutom sign we make for you reflects the professionalism and care that you put into every part of your business. You take care of your clients with the best products and services, and the signs we make for you will reflect that. If you have a logo that you like and want to use, we can easily incorporate that into your custom design. If you want your old logo reworked – or even redesigned completely – we can do that too. It is our pleasure to devote all of the time and energy needed to make sure that you are happy with the signs we provide.


While visibility is important for all kinds of signs, it is critical for pharmaceutical displays and signage. You may have clients who are older, or who have eyesight problems or other infirmities. Because of that, it is particularly important for all of your signs to be distinct, sharp and clearly readable even from a distance. Signs can give important instructions, like what information your clients should have ready, and what your pharmacists and assistants can do to help them. At Capital Exhibits, we recognize how critical it is to have each of those pieces of information boldly and clearly communicated on every sign that you order from us.

Outdoor and Indoor

In addition to other kinds of information, your inside signs may tell clients where they can wait, how to get paperwork and who they should talk to. We work with you to ensure that those signs are clear and are the right size and shape to draw the attention of your clients. The right signs are important in making your clients’ experience easy and successful. That in turn helps them continue to have a positive view of your pharmaceutical business. The clarity of your outdoor signs is equally important. We work with you to make sure that your outdoor signs are visible to all of your clients, and to vendors and other professionals that you work with as well. The outdoor signs we make for you are long-lasting and weather-resistant. In addition to signs for the inside and outside of your facility, we can also design special signs and banner stands for trade shows and other promotional events.

Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC

Wherever your pharmaceutical business is in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington DC, we will make sure that you get your custom-designed signs delivered to your door as soon as you need them.

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