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20′ Orbital Centaurus Truss Display System

Kit includes:

  • 68 x 6-way junction
  • 32 x 24ﻗ°ﻻ truss lengths
  • 16 x 36ﻗ°ﻻ truss lengths
  • 32 x 46ﻗ°ﻻ truss lengths
  • 64 x 90ﺁ٠ curved truss lengths
  • full set of quicklock connectors
  • 24 x 50 watt spotlights
  • 07 x OCT molded cases
  • All Dye Sub Graphics

General Description
The Centaurus 20 x 20 FT Truss Display uses four large round pillars at
each corner of your 20 x 20 display. This system works well in an island
20 x 20 space. This system can hold a large monitor, and the display
includes all of the graphics that you see pictured. Truss displays are
made from solid tubular steel for extreme durability and strength. The
simple construction allows for easy set up, but the sturdy supports
allow for a solid exhibiting system.

Shipping Information
The Centaurus 20 x 20 Truss Display ships via truck from the Chicago, IL
area and we ship at a flat rate of $600.00. Truss displays are too
heavy and large to be shipped via UPS or FedEx, and we have found that
trucking truss displays is the best way to ensure that they arrive

Graphics Information
Graphics are included in the price of the display as shown in the photo.
Our truss graphics are produced using a process called dye sublimation.
With this process, your image is burned into a durable fabric graphic
that is guaranteed never to wrinkle or fade. You can even throw the
fabric graphics directly into your washing machine to clean off any dirt
or grime.

Overall Size

15’5.25″ high x 18’9.5″ wide x 18’9.5″ deep




Shipping weight is 2,645 lbs in freight cases





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