Backlit Picture Frames With Fabric Graphics

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Wall Light Boxes For Retail Shops, Hotels and Hallways

Why use backlit picture frames or illuminated fabric wall displays to showcase marketing graphics and signage? Our ready made lightbox system is economical and attract your prospective clients to your advertisements, signs, graphic, and marketing materials. This HD backlit photo frame with fabric graphic is ideal for home use, hotels, churches, airports, hospitals, government buildings, supermarkets, grocery stores, advertising upcoming theater events and much more. While backlit frame can be used with standard print, they are most compelling when combined with colorful pictures or messaging printed on outstanding fabric media. We offers high-end LED poster back-lit, or lightbox picture frames, for sale in wall mount style in 22×28, 24×36 and 32×40 graphics sizes. Our LED Fab light boxes feature a back-lit fabric that tucks into the edges of the frame for a tight and clean look.
The aluminum casing is heavy duty and is equipped for wall mount display.
The Fab boxes are available in 3 different sizes.

Package includes:
Printed Fabric
Aluminum Frame with cord
Outlet plug
36 Watts Lights

Size: 22″W x 28″H x 1.25″D

Size: 32″W x 40″H x 1.25″D

Size: 24″W x 36″H x 1.25″D


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22"W x 28"H x 1.25"D, 32"W x 40"H x 1.25"D, 24"W x 36"H x 1.25"D


SizeTemplatesSpecsheetSetup Instruction
22″W x 28″H x 1.25″D
24″W x 36″H x 1.25″D
32″W x 40″H x 1.25″D


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