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10ft Expand LinkWall (ELW)

A revolutionary design of the traditional banner stand.This highly flexible and reusable wall is a perfect investment to be used for different occasions and locations. The user can easily make it smaller or larger depending on space and bend it to different shapes to fit the event space.

This Kit includes:

  • (3) ELW base units 35 7/16 x 86 5/8 with profiles
  • (2) 23 5/8″ x 86 5/8 curved flex panels
  • (1) B62 Graphics Bag
  • (12) ELW magbars
  • (1) B39 magbar bag
  • (1) Expand Podium Case with ELW insert include
  • (1) mag tape roll

Product Dimensions:
153.6″w x 86.6″h

Optional Accessories:
Graphic Wrap with Skirtboard for Podium Case
Wood / Aluminum Tops for Podium Case
LED Spotlight
200 W Spotlight


Expand LinkWall – Standard Kit

(3 main panels linked with (2) 23 5/8″ flex panels)
Graphics: 153 9/16″ x 88 5/8″ – Display width is variable

Change the size of the mural by simply adding or removing panels to better fit your environment. It can be used as a straight wall on one occasion, and thanks to the flexible panels, an S-Shape, L-Shape or Serpentine on other occasions. This display can also be used double-sided or divided into smaller walls when needed.

The unique floating design of this panel system insures for a straight installation on an unlevel floor, up to a 3/4” height change between bases.

The Expand LinkWall is extremely light and portable thanks to its aluminum construction. It is designed so that it can be set up by one person and without tools. To transport the Expand LinkWall, simply pack it into the Expand PodiumCase, and wheel it away. Spotlights are also available to illuminate your message.

  • Variable shapes
  • Variety of sizes
  • Endless possibilities
  • Quick set up

Expand LinkWall Gallery

A highly flexible display system that you can adapt the size and shape depending on location, occasion and target group.

Expand LinkWall Templates



Expand LinkWall – 3 Panels (straight)

(Straight 3 panel mural 106 5/16″ x 86 5/8″)
Coming Soon



Expand LinkWall – Standard Kit

(3 main panels linked with (2) 23 5/8″ flex panels)
Graphics: 153 9/16″ x 88 5/8″ – Display width is variable
Coming Soon

Individual Panels

ELW_Main_panelExpand LinkWall – Main Panel

(One main panel 35 9/16″ x 86 5/8″)
Coming Soon


ELW_End_panelExpand LinkWall – End Cap

(One end cap used on double sided applications)
Coming Soon


ELW_10inch_link_panelExpand LinkWall – 10 5/8″ Flex Panel

(One flex panel 10 5/8″ x 86 9/16″)
Coming Soon


ELW_24inch_link_panelExpand LinkWall – 23 5/8″ Flex Panel

(One flex panel 23 5/8″ x 86 9/16″)
Coming Soon



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