Medium Hard Case and Graphic Wrap on Laminated Display Film

$289.00 Sales Tax


Product Overview:
The Medium Hard Case is a molded plastic hard carry case with a center handle grip and inset wheels for easy mobility. It’s oval shape fits some of our larger displays. Lock and key included.

Laminated Display Film graphic wrap is finished with hook and loop at both vertical ends so that you may seal it closed at the back to hold to the case. You can access the inside of your hard case at any time by simply lifting the lid.

31 lbs

Case Outside Dimensions:
22’W x 39″H x 17″D

Case Inside Dimensions:
20.5″W x 32.5″H x 12″D

This Case For:
(1) Medium Ready Pop, or (1) Large Ready Pop, or (1) 8ft. EZ Tube, or (1) 10ft. EZ Tube, or (1) 20ft RPL.


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