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Portable and Cost-Effective Stand!!

The SPACE-BV2DRD-S3 is a wonderful stand for any trade show, retail display and exhibition fair. The stand is very lightweight and takes seconds to set one up. The stand makes a great backwall display by putting several of these stand side by side with fabric graphics.

People now use portable banner stands for their entire retail display in 10×10, 10×20 and even larger booths. This way they save money on shipping, installation and dismantling.

Looking for a flexible, dynamic multi use banner stand solution for your next expo or trade fair? Then this easy to transport, cost effective banner stand is exactly what your company or organization is in the market for. Made of high quality, durable aluminum tubing and adorned with a stunning, high quality graphic, this banner stand beautiful conveys your image or product
in a portable, affordable and dynamic package. A versatile system, this easy to transport,  cost effective banner stand can be used either independently next to a certain product to draw in customers and inform of your product, or multiple units can be placed either side by side or in a unique and dynamic configuration to further advertise your product or campaign.
Requiring no professional tools of any kind, the entire system is easy to construct and goes up in minutes using the included telescopic aluminum tube assembly. This means more time at the expo, meeting customers and showing off your products and less time dealing with the hassle of more complicated and heavy systems. This easy to transport, cost effective banner stand also
comes with a high quality tripod that secures the entire system in place, ready to stand up to the heavy traffic that a display like this is sure to draw.

There are accessories available for the SPACE-BV2DRD-S3 like banner light, soft and hard shipping cases.

Velcro® Brand Hook/Loop Mount

Trouble free clutch for secure locking.

  • Adjustable height 36”- 96” center poles.
  • Hook/Loop Mount top crossbar attaches to pole top.
  • Bottom crossbar can travel up & down.
  • User friendly and built to last!
  • Accepts 1 or 2 Banners each 24” Wide
  • Velcro Brand Hook Loop Mounting
  • Telescopic Aluminum tube assembly
  • Available in Satin Silver (S) also in Matte Black (B)

TB – Travel Base are modern design. Fits travel bag. Textured powder coated finish. Same cost as square base specify.

Specify: Model – Base* – Color*

Extra Cost Bases:

RD – Round Base, 11″ round 5 lb. base: Heavy duty steel bases, with inner support bushing, satin powder coated finish.

PB – Presto Base: Internal shock cord mechanism, assembles like Presto. Specify PB. Use with travel bag.

HB – Boomerang Base shaped zinc die cast bases. Use EBGH carry bag.

Graphic Size: 24″w to 96″h

Resolution: 150dpi

Base: Tripod Base


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