TV Stand With Graphics For Trade Shows & Retail Shops

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Elegant Monitor Stand with an Attractive Graphic!!

The SPACE-DP-112 stand is one of our two pole stands that can be used at trade shows, exhibition fairs, hotels, airports, retail shops, supper markets, offices, schools, churches and more. The stand can take a poster board about 36″w x up-to 60″h rigid board. You can run a slide show or video clip using an LCD monitor with the workstation that you can put a keyboard or brochures. The stand is very easy to set-up and take down. This stand and an attractive graphic will put you over the top of your competitors. We use Green Water Base Ink and Recycle fabric using HP Latex Printer.

frame dimensions: 36″w x 84″h

The kit includes:
2 CRCT Cone

6 POSCR-48 42.375″ upright

2 POSCRBS 16″ sq Base

1 CRC-3* 36″ crossbar for retractable

1 CRCB-3 36″ retractable crossbar

1 Long custom self

1 CRVX fixed monitor mount

1 Center Fabric Graphic


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