High Quality TV Stand With Product Stand With Graphics

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Shop display products for retail and fashion stores!

High Quality & Cost-Effective Shop Display Stands with Accessories!!

The SPACE-DP-222 stand comes with graphic panel on the left, Monitor mounts and five wide angled shelved on the right. The stand works with any environment such as retail shops, fashion stores, department stores, airports, electronic, boutiques, wide and beverages, trade shows and more.
The unique extrusion system with our vibrant graphic panels put you over the top and make your products stand out.
2 – 24″ w sections with plasma / 96″h

3 CRCT Cone
4 POSCR-48 42.375″ upright
2 POSCR-11 11″ upright
2 POSCR-18 17.625″ upright
2 POSCR-14 13.75″ upright
2 POSCRBO Oval Base
1 POSCRBD 3.25″ rd base
6 CRCB-2 24″ crossbar
1 CRPA-2 24″ pocket arm set of (2)
5 CRIS-24 24″ inclinable shelf
1 CRPB plasma bracket set.

Cones plasma-brackets Inclinable-Shelf


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