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Looking for marketing for your business that costs little but delivers big? Call Capital Exhibits today at 866.730.3746, and ask about our sign holders! Sign Holders That Keep Marketing Your Company’s Goods and Services 24/7/365 When we create sign holder designs for retail and tradeshow clients, we are always looking for additional ways to make them effective and provide excellent return on investment. Whether they’re intended to attract attention at a trade show booth or at strategic locations, we think of them as satellite locations of your business and create them with this in mind.

No matter the client, their industry or their marketing strategy, we always begin by asking ourselves the same questions:

  • Do our designs accurately reflect our client’s operations?
  • How can we make their sign holders look fresh and engaging and still retain the client’s unique look?
  • How will these sign holders fit in with their overall marketing plans?
  • Will this design attract their target audience?
  • How can we build on their brand awareness and enhance it?
  • Is this design effective? How can we make it even more effective?

These are just a few of the many questions we ask during the creative process, and we feel this is integral to our success as a company and our client’s ongoing success. CALL US TODAY AND LET US BUILD YOUR BEST IMAGE Here at Capital Exhibits, Build Your Best Image is more than a motto; it’s how we built our business from the very beginning and how we help our clients build their businesses. There are many aspects of conceiving, designing and creating an effective image, and these considerations combined with quality manufacturing and materials create synergies that are critically important for effective marketing. Since we do everything in-house, we control each aspect of a client’s marketing materials and deliver sign frames and other displays that drive sales at wholesale prices that can’t be beat. Call us today at 866.730.3746 to find out how we can help you Build Your Best Image!

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