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We Carry 1000s Of Retail Display Signage, POP Displays, Indoor, Outdoor Stands For Retail Stores & Shops in Washington, DC!

Got a retail store in Washington DC? Wish to boost your sales? Sick and tired of the same old measures that you have been using to market your store?

Then we have surely got something for you – All Types Of Retail Signage!

Capital Exhibits work with retail shops all around DC to develop attractive and eye-catching display signs for indoor or outdoor purposes. Our banner stands and poster holder are very attractive, slim-line which hardly take any floor space & ideal for any types of retail shops in DC. Our static cling window graphics are getting very popular among DC shops to attract pedestrians and prospective clients. Ask about our retail store sale sign ideas, retractable banner stands, illuminated signs, outdoor flag banners and LED light boxes. We also fabricate directional signs for hospitals, airports & commercial buildings in DC. No doubt a lot of people think that there is no point in having store displays anymore, but such people know nothing about marketing and promotions with the help of some of the traditional methods. We don’t tell you to stick to the old marketing and advertising methods, but if one of those old methods is a tradition in the market that worked well in DC, it is okay to try it over and over again. In the end, it is you, who gets profited with window graphics. Call us at 703-479-7934 with any questions.

Here are the top four ways with the help of which you can boost your sales with brochure holders or other such traditional methods:

  • By allowing people to pickup the brochure, anytime they wish to know about your store: There can be nothing better than the good traditional modes to let people pickup the brochure from the brochure holders you have placed in front of the shop. This way, even the random passers can pickup a brochure and keep it safe with them, to approach you whenever they are in need of some products available at your store in DC.
  • By inviting people to pickup the brochure from the stands: If you want your retail equipment to be sold, you have got to invite more people to read the brochures that you have kept on the stands placed in front of your store. Unless you have your brochures in their hands, they can never trust in your name and the products that you have for them.
  • By letting people know about the different products you have at the store: People in Washington, DC, are quite busy; they never pay attention to what you have in store for them, unless you put up brochures and they read them. With the help of retail displays and brochure stands, you ensure that they know about the products that you have. Ask about our next signs  and printed signs for your retail stores.
  • By attracting people with the display shelves: Thanks to retail display, Interior signage you can easily attract the passers to be the visitors in your shop and the visitors to be the customers. By having display shelves, you can easily attract new customers and sustain the old ones in this location.


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