Slatwall Display Stands for Retail Stores & Trade Shows

Outfitting your store with the proper layout and fixtures can seem daunting. However, finding something sturdy and high quality that doesn’t damage easily isn’t hard with the help of our professional products at Capital Exhibits. A slatwall, also known as a slotwall, is a building material used for display fixtures or wall coverings. They are used with shelves and bins that hook into the slats, making updating displays quickly simple.

Slatwalls are great options for business owners because they are:

1. Affordable: They are basic and offer no frills keeping their price low.
2. Durable: They are hard to damage and can hold heavy merchandise with ease.
3. Versatile: There is no “right” way to use slatwall. They can be used to display a multitude of products in different settings.
4. User-friendly: You don’t have to be a carpenter to install them. Once the fixtures and panels are installed, you hook everything together with their fixtures.
5. Customizable: They come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, finishes and with different types of attachments too.

These high-quality display shelf systems along with slat wall panels and shop fittings are used most often for retail stores, banks, airports, sports venues, hotels, office buildings and even convention halls. When it comes to promotional advertising and marketing, finding innovative ways to display graphics, messages or your store name is important. At Capital Exhibits, we offer both custom slatwall panels for sale as well as pre-fabricated options. Our floor standing slatwall displays are manufactured using both clear satin anodized and are aluminum etched in a wide range of colors and silver finishes. You can choose from graphic or plain frames for your next exhibition or conference stand design.

In terms of slatwall accessories, slatwall shelves, wheeled stands or slatwall display hooks are designed to compliment the unit you used. They can be purchased together in order to complete an entire shop fitting display solution for your business. For those who frequent exhibition or conferences often, our portable and lightweight slatwall stands are a cost-effective way to display your products or merchandise.

Other product offerings include:

Slatwall store displays
Slatwall counters
Freestanding slatwall units
Slatwall brackets
Slatwall edging trim
Slatwall shelves
Slatwall inserts
Slatwall insert holders

Ultimately, even though there are countless choices of retail displays available, slatwall is still one of the most popular and effective options available. While many fixtures fit a specific need for retailers, they can’t compete with slatwall’s durability and versatility. Slatwall has been used in a variety of buildings successfully including garages, schools, flower shops, retail stores and grocery stores.

Our slatwall display stands are high quality systems, slat wall panels and shop fittings for retail stores. We offer pre-fabricated and custom slat walls for trade show and exhibition as well. Our stands are ideal for retailers, shop owners, trade and manufacturers. All our slatwall panel displays are manufactured using Aluminum etched and satin anodized in a wide variety of standard colors and realistic sliver finishes. We offer competitive slatwalls with or without graphic frames for your next exhibit or retail shop. Our slatwall accessories such as wheeled stands and slatwall shelves are designed to compliment the unit and can be purchased together to provide a complete shop fitting display solution. Slatwall stands are a lightweight and cost effective way to display merchandise and products. We also sell slatwall inserts, slatwall shelves, slatwall leaflet holders, slatwall brackets, slatwall edging trim, slatwall counters, freestanding slatwall units and slatwall store displays.

Find out what slatwall display systems can do for you. Peruse the large selection of offerings available at Capital Exhibits today!

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