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The up stands have steel base that provides stability as well as safety. The height of the banner is given by the aluminum pole stand and one can get height of required choice.

The graphics display is connected to the cross bar. Such solid banner can hold paper, thin card and fabric. The size of stand sometimes depend on the display as sometimes extra poles, brochure and literature holders and even glass shelves are added to it.

Need of banner


Whenever a trade show is organized, the organizers arrange booths of different companies in the area. The booths with no identification or labeling of the company and its products do not attract the visitors but the ones with displays and banners are taken seriously by the customers and draw more influx of the visitors there.

There are different types of trade show banner that are available in the market.

The Roll up banner stands includes a stand and a banner attached to it that rolls up or down. Such banner stands are available with different widths and heights so that they can sit on either ground or tabletop.

The cassette banner stands have cassettes inside them so graphics change quickly. This change strengthens the marketing strategy of the company as after sometime a different item is highlighted. Such banner stands are bit heavier than the other banner stands.

In the L banner stand, the banner is clipped at the top and bottom so as to keep it completely flat. Such banners are lightweight so easy to transport it comfortably with carrying bag. The banner stands are available in wide range of sizes so the trader can select the right sized banner stand that will compliment their booth.

The X banner stand has three legs and a backing so the banner is attached at all four corners. The banner stand is lightweight so it can be set up quickly and it can be easily transported with the help of carrying bags.

The Pole up tension banner stands is used to attract the attention of the visitor from even long distance. This collapsible pole is lightweight and easily put up. There are also motorized banner stands and the ones made for the outdoors. The table stands are placed on the table tops that help in displaying small tabletop banners.

Banner stand and usage

In Banner stands the colorful graphic images are used that can be changed frequently according to the requirements. The banner stands are flexible and portable structures that are cost effective way of advertising the product. Whenever people walk along any exhibition stand, the banner stand gives first impression of the business to the potential clients. Banner stands are used in exhibitions, showrooms, trade shows, retail displays and business gatherings. The single banner stand with brochure holders and supportive literature give a striking display. The banner stands are used in retail shops at the entrance with promotional messages to attract impulsive shoppers. As the business signs and advertisements in office area increase the inclination of customers towards the products.

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