Step and Repeat Banner Stands

Custom-Size Step and Repeat Banner Stands

A standard step and repeat banner displays logos and graphics in a diamond pattern. For example, these are often seen behind people when they are at press conferences or a Las Vegas red carpet event. If you watch an interview with an NFL quarterback after the big game, he’s likely going to have banner stands with the team’s logo proudly displayed behind him. As you can imagine, these fabric banners can be helpful and useful in tons of different situations.

How They’re Used

Perhaps you’re going to Hollywood, California (CA), events involving celebrities, and you want to get some great pictures of them to capture the night. Maybe you’re going to exhibition fairs in the US, at varying cities, and you want to proudly capture the moment and display both your products and your team. Our stands and fabric prints, which can be found at, will fit in at any of these events. They’re a great way to create an area for taking pictures without needing an entire studio.

In fact, you may have seen wedding banners used at receptions or graduation banners used as students walk off of the stage. They create an ideal, custom backdrop in seconds. People have even used birthday banners much the same way they’d used them at a wedding, allowing for fun pictures of the entire party. While our banners are ideal as photoshoot backdrops, you can see that they have many different uses and are very versatile.

Custom Sizes

Speaking of versatility, you’ll find that our site has separate categories for the main sizes of step and repeat backdrops that we tend to get orders for, but that doesn’t mean these are your only options. We go above and beyond for our customers, so we can do whatever you need. Have a specific size in mind? Want to talk to us about vinyl media and cloth prints because you don’t know what size is ideal for your events or trade shows? We’re more than accommodating, so we hope you’ll get in touch with us soon, and we can walk through the entire process. We can make any size you need, even if it’s nothing we’ve taken on before.

Our Quality

The final thing you should know about us is that our quality is unmatched. While some other companies offer sagging banners on plastic stands, we offer aluminum banner stands that never sag. They always look tremendous. We also offer a non-reflective banner so that the photos are flawless, and we offer full color printing so that the personalized logo backdrops look exactly like you want them to. The quality of our picture backdrops is better than you’ll find anywhere else, so you know you’ll be pleased with your rental stand for photography projects.

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