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It’s no secret why retail outlets stock candy, magazines, gadgets, jewelry, cosmetics and other items in high-profile areas such as checkout lines, cashier stands, end caps, kiosks and others. Retail display stands, point of purchase displays or (POP) are effective, attractive and drive impulse sales that make the difference between a boring sales quarter and a dynamic, profitable one that accelerates careers!

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These retail display stands, customized floor standing retail shop sign stands with graphics are ideal for jewelry shops, clothing stores, airports and sporting goods. The single pole stands with round shelves are ideal for retail stores and mall shops. Here at Capital Exhibits, we have been crafting custom point of purchase displays for clients for quite some time, and we are used to thinking outside the box to help our clients gain a competitive edge. However, our new style Creo point of purchase displays have our design team pretty excited and eager to work with this new merchandising system!

Versatile, Dynamic, Affordable and Profitable. What’s Not to Like?
Marketing professionals have known the power of driving sales through impulse purchases for a very long time, but it has been a while since a whole new medium for POP displays entered the marketplace. Creo point of purchase displays represent a quantum leap forward for merchandising systems and are earning some well-deserved praise for the following:

  • Configuration in a nearly limitless variety of styles
  • Ease of incorporating lights, shelves, LCD monitors, banners, partitions and other elements into the POP display
  • Quality of materials
  • Ease of setting up and taking down
  • Durability
  • Versatility
  • Ability to enhance sales and provide outstanding return on investment

Whether used alone or as part of a dynamic trade show booth, sales exhibit, satellite marketing installation or other merchandising medium, Creo graphic point of purchase displays are extraordinarily effective at attracting eyes from a distance. Not only do they attract eyes, they also reward them with striking colors, rich textures and other design elements that build brand awareness in every application.

If you find the idea of incorporating versatile, durable and gorgeous Creo graphic displays into your merchandising attractive, we encourage you to contact us at 866-730-3746 at your convenience. We’re pretty excited about the possibilities that multi displays and other merchandising products bring to our suite of graphic solutions. After discussing the possibilities with our design team, we’re confident that the combination of attractive return on investment coupled with proven results that go right to your bottom line will inspire you to add Creo POP displays to your merchandising. If you have a location in store display stands in Virginia, VA our team can set up our entire project. Call us today to learn more about how we use Creo products to Build Your Best Image!

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