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Capital Exhibits has been serving retail shops with their indoor advertising product displays for over 3 decades. From simple banner stands that goes outside of your shop to promote your new products or services to clothing displays, product displays with hanger and elegant signage to attract clients to your products. We can design, fabricate and install any types of retail display, advertising boards, shop display for any of your shops in VA, DC and MD.

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If you’re in sales, no doubt you’ve seen a lot of what works and what doesn’t for merchandising in retail stores, malls and other indoor shops where you need to stand out and make a statement to get noticed. What doesn’t work is always and immediately recognizable: drab, colorless displays with a skirted table and a couple tired graphics hung on a curtain. Sometimes, weary representatives who know their trade show exhibit is mediocre will put a bowl of candy or promotional items on the table to fill space and add color. The same applies to uninspiring retail displays in stores and shopping malls that fail to attract attention due to faded displays, uninspiring color schemes and tired merchandising ideas. If you want to make a dramatic statement and attract the volume of interest and sales that you need to achieve your goals, call us today, and ask about our Creo partitions and panel displays!

Creo Partitions/Panel Displays Make a Bold Statement and Set the Stage for Success

Experienced merchandisers know that displays of any kind must stand out to get noticed, attract potential customers and spark purchasing decisions. That is one of the many reasons why Creo partitions/panel displays are so effective. Partitions and panel displays create a kind of stage that naturally attracts attention by engaging the eye with design elements such as these:

  • Lighting
  • LCD monitors
  • Shelving for merchandise
  • Multimedia panels
  • Screens for projected images
  • Panels that “float” and create depth of field
  • Freestanding panels that frame your display and draw the eye where you want it to go
  • Many other dynamic elements that help your trade show exhibit, satellite marketing outpost, merchandise display, store display, fixture or other display stand out and get noticed!


Best of all, you won’t believe how affordable these partitions and panel displays are or their outstanding return on investment!


Whether you are a longtime client or are visiting our site for the first time, we’re confident that you will see the extraordinary marketing potential in our Creo partitions and panel displays. For creating a multimedia display that engages viewers and delivers the volume of sales your organizations needs to achieve its goals, Creo displays are unequaled in their versatility, durability and affordability. To learn more about Creo displays and how our design team can incorporate them into a cohesive and dynamic marketing plan for your organization, contact us at 866-730-3746. Call us today to learn how we use these and other marketing materials to Build Your Best Image!

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