X Banner Stands

If you need portable, affordable, durable and exceptionally effective wholesale X Banner Stands to increase awareness about your organization’s goods, services, upcoming events or any other uses, you have definitely come to the right place! Our 24 x 72 X frame banner stands may be the most affordable way for you to increase brand recognition, add depth and color to a trade show display, create satellite marketing outposts and reach your target audience.

X Banner Stands

x banner stands
23.5" x 63" X Stand GFX - $69
Econoy x banner stand small graphic
24″x62″ Econo X - $23
24" x 71" X1 Banner Stand - $61
31.5″ x 79″ Econo X - $23
18″-32″w x 63″-79″h Adjustable $63
31.5″ x 79″ X2 Banner Stand - $79
79"-86"w x 83"-98"h Adjustable - $88
48″-59″w x 83″-98″h Adjustable - $88
Top Quality X Banner Stand With Graphic
59″ X 98.5″ X3 Banner Stand - $80
X Banner Stand Large
32″-48″w x 79″-86″h Adjustable - $72
24″ x 63″ Bamboo - $95
24″ x 63″ Bamboo - $95
32.5″ x 71″ Expand - $88
32.5″ x 71″ Expand - $88
mini x stand counter top
10″ x 16.70″ Mini X - $9
12″w x 26″h Tabletop - $16
12″w x 26″h Tabletop - $16
23.5" x 63" X Stand Only - $19.95

Here at Capital Exhibits, we make it our business to help you build your business, our adjustable X banner displays with graphics are ideal for all applications and come in different size and shape. Ask about our qty discount and wholesale pricing on our x banners stands for your next project. Here are some available sizes: 24×63, 24×62, 24×71, 31.5 x 79, 18 x 79, 31×79, 79×98, 86×8, 79×83, 48×83, 48×98, 59×83, 59×98, 10×16, 12×26, 32×71.

Want to learn more about how an X-stand can help you market your goods and services? Call us today at 866-730-3746!

X Banner Displays – An Enduring Value That Delivers Results Year After Year

A vibrant, well-crafted and dynamic banner has little impact unless your target audience can see it, and our X banner displays are ideal for conveying your message about new products and attracting the volume of traffic that you need to achieve your goals. Extraordinarily versatile, each X frame display that we make can be fitted with a new banner in seconds so that you can tailor your message to fit the situation, setting or application on the fly! Our clients love our X displays because they have the following qualities:

  • Incredibly cost-effective, providing high-impact banner displays with excellent return on investment
  • Easy to set up in seconds! No tools needed with our foldaway design!
  • State-of-the-art carbon fiber top poles provide outstanding strength and stability, keeping banners sharp with no sagging
  • Very portable with durable carrying case included in the price
  • Ideal for displaying eye-catching banners in vinyl, fabric and all other materials


We are very proud to add X banner stands wholesale, which also called x frames,  spider x banners to our line of professional-grade promotional materials, and we are even more proud to help our clients in many different industries build on their success. Our design team is excited about our portable X displays also as they make their work look great and continue delivering results in all applications. We at Capital Exhibits are the manufacturer x stand and distributing them to sign companies and other resellers. If you would like to learn more about our X stands or any of our other promotional materials and how they can help your organization achieve its goals, please call us today at 866-730-3746! Let our expertise and experience Build Your Best Image.

  • Extremely cost-effective, high impact banner display
  • Simple fold-away design – no tools required for assembly
  • Carbon fiber top poles provide excellent strength and stability, ensuring banners do not sag over time
  • Portable carry case included
  • Comes with Canvas Carrying Case
  • Printed banners are available in Vinyl or Fabric