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We provide graphic design services for exhibition and marketing materials since 1994. Capital Exhibits design services will put your brand way over the top of your competition. We might be living in an age of advanced electrical equipment and digital communication, but there’s nothing like a poster and banners when you have to make an appearance at a trade show. The top creative design services of Capital Exhibits are your solution for corporate design inspiration, a relevant idea and even letterhead stationery 

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As a family owned and operated company, Capital Exhibits is deeply committed to high quality and affordability. Our graphic design services are performed by fabulous artists who are passionate about creating the right aesthetic, and our general customer service flows with a great process from the time you order until the finished print is in your hand. Of course, we also think of ourselves as a branding identity agency, and give your product the personalized attention that it needs to stand a head above the rest.

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Trade show graphic design and Graphic Design Services | Marketing Materials are highly specialized area in which Capital Exhibits excels. Whether you need something that fits on a tabletop or a 20 by 20 foot backdrop, we can get the job done. We work with materials such as Vinyl, fabric, canvas, Sintra, perforated mesh and more, and have capabilities involving dye-sub, static cling, indoor/outdoor use and many others. You, and the visitors to your booth, will be amazed at the top artwork and full color of your display.

Capital Exhibits is known as a preferred graphic print design company because we take the time to really understand your vision. From the moment you call us until your corporate display is up and ready, we work tirelessly to reflect you brand in the manner you desire. Clients might be asking for something as small as a cool brochure, practical banner stands or a huge photo – and we’ll always deliver on time, on target and on budget.

Since we offer a wide range of online printing services, Capital Exhibits is your source for that amazing flyer for your event, a custom business card or a nice stationery designer. Although paper products are not as pervasive as they used to be, they are still certainly one way to make an impression, and must be ready to measure up to your brand. Black and white, bright color and a variety of paper choices area all available.

Concerned about what all of this is going to cost? Understand that our services are wholesale but not cheap. We are an Graphic Design Services | Marketing Materials agency dedicated to staying competitive, and we are upfront at every point. From the price quote to the final invoice, you will have a clear sense of what you are paying for every step of the way.

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At Capital Exhibits, we want to be the best brand design website, whether you need massive signs or indoor and outdoor banner stands. We love creating the posters and banners for your trade shows, and implementing a design that fits with the vision you have for your brand. Please feel free to get in touch via phone or email, and speak to someone from our knowledgeable and helpful staff!

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