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Store window displays are much more than a way to showcase your organization’s products and services; they are one of the most important and effective ways to connect with your target audience, improve visibility and top-of-mind awareness and develop a strong marketing presence. As you know, the quality of the retail window displays you present to the world says a lot about you, your organization and the quality of your products. Inexpensive, poorly made and designed displays may save you money in the short run but make a poor impression with potential customers and your bottom line. For professionally designed and crafted window displays such as window cling graphic, vinyl cut letters, frosted vinyl and ideas that reflect your organization and get results, you can rely on the artists and craftsmen at Capital Exhibits.


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Store Window Displays That Get Noticed and Get Results

For nearly two decades, we have designed and crafted unique displays for many different applications, including retail stores, public institutions, college bookstores and many other clients who need custom displays that set them apart from their competition. We’re more than a window display wholesale and distributor; we’re a full-service display and manufacturer that performs each facet of every project in-house. This allows us to keep costs low and provide faster turnaround times on each project while maintaining our standards for quality and excellence. We can design and craft window displays in many different styles, colors and finishes to ensure that your displays are unique and market your products and services effectively.


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  • If you’re looking for innovative retail display ideas or you have great ideas and are looking for a manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor to create them for you, you have come to the right place! At Capital Exhibits, we have been helping organizations achieve their goals through many different types of displays and other marketing tools for nearly two decades. For more information about our store window displays that deliver results and outstanding return on investment and any of our other products, please call us at 866-730-3746. Call us today, and let us explain how our retail window displays can help you Build Your Best Image!Who uses these type of graphics:
    Coffee shops
    Auto Shops
    Car Dealers
    Barber Shops
    Ice cream Stores
    Beauty Shops
    Healthcare & Medical
    Pet Stores
    Malls and Shopping Centers
    Nonprofit Organization
    Auto Repair & Tire Shops
    Grocery Stores
    FexEx and UPS stores
    Home Depot
    Fast Food
    Electronic Stores
    Commercial Building
    And any other types of retail shops
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